El pasado Noviembre 26 del 2020 la Cámara Mexicana de Comercio en China (MEXCHAM) y el Consejo de Promoción de Comercio International (CCPIT) Hainan Sub-council firmaron un MOU para promover promoting el comercio y la inversión entre México y China.

First Document – Hainan Free trade Port Policies


  1. Overall Plan for the Construction of Hainan Free Trade Port
  2. Policies Implemented in Hainan Free Trade Port (FTP)

1.Announcement on the Duty-free Shopping Policy for Passengers Departing Hainan Island

  1. Announcement on preferential Policies on Corporate Income Tax of Hainan FTP
  2. Announcement on Preferential Policies on Personal Income Tax for High-end and Urgently-needed Talents in Hainan FTP

4.Interim Measures on Management of the List of High-end Talents in Short Supply Enjoying Preferential Policies of Personal Income Tax in Hainan FTP

5.Identification Measures of High-level Talents of Hainan FTP

6.High-level Talent Classification Standards of Hainan FTP

7.Standards of Hainan FTP for Identification of “High-level and Needed” Foreign Talents

8.Notice of Ministry of Finance of the PRC, Ministry of Transport of the PRC and State Taxation Administration on Value-added Tax Policies for International Shipping Vessels in Hainan FTP.

III. Questions and Answers on Foreign Talents Service Guarantee Policies in Hainan FTP

  1. Introduction of 11 Industrial Parks
  2. Catalogue of Investment Attraction

The book in English and Chinese can be downloaded here:


Second Document – Investment Policies in Haikou

  1. Basic Situation of Haikou City
  2. Situation of key parks in Haikou City
  3. Hainan Free Trade Port Policy

4.Haikou City supports the HQ economic development policy

  1. The introduction of talent housing security
  2. Interpretation of the current policies of key industries

The book in English can be downloaded here:




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